Advantages Gained by French Language Learning

Next to English, French is the second most widely taught and used language on this earth. Across the world, in thirty-three countries, it is the official language and it is spoken in two G7 countries. Around the world, there are 200 million people who can read, write, and speak French is the official language for both worldwide postal service and International Red Cross. Nearly 20,000 English words have originated from French. After English, French is the second largest language. Many important writings in sciences and humanities have originated from France, in the French language. Those who are interested in these fields, if they have knowledge of French, can access these works at least 4 or 5 yrs before translated in other languages. Many significant works are accessible to only people with knowledge of French, as they may not be translated.Since France happens to be a highly developed industrialized country specializing in diverse industries like Aerospace, automobile, Shipbuilding, electronics etc, it has trade relations all over the world. Due to the stability of the French economy and government policy Investors from all over the world are investing in France. For those involved in doing business with French are businesses from French speaking areas like the state of Quebec in Canada where French is the majority language, knowledge of French will certainly prove to be an asset. French employers employ approximately 500,000 Americans and American companies in France employ another 600,000.Whether you are a businessperson or working for salary, knowledge of French will help you to have direct interaction French speaking employers, fellow employees, business counterparts, and customers and certainly, this will put you in apposition of advantage.Learning French will get you in the ranks of the cultural elite, as teaching of French language is a part of any international class education. In many major international organizations among various types of professional positions, five of them required a sound knowledge of French language.Role of France in many key areas also highlight the importance of learning French language:1) First thermo nuclear reactor of the world is to be located in France.
2) Out of 10 exports by France to the U.S.A. 7 of them happens to be high technology or industrial product.
3) In automobile, manufacturing France holds the fourth position in the world and in exporting them; it holds the third position in the world.
4) In high energy, Physics France is a major research center.
5) In medical research, again, France is a major contributor; Aids virus was first isolated by French doctors.
6) In medical genetics, France is an international leader.
7) In the field of electronic equipments, France holds third position in the world.
8) In the field of Aerospace, it is European leader.
9) French built Ariane rockets are used to launch many a commercial satellites into space.
10) The fastest train in the world the TGV is a French one.
11) It is in France the smart card has been has been used on a large scale.
12) France. constructed the ocean liner Queen Mary II
13) In military power, it ranks third in the word preceded by Russia (no.2) and U.S.A. (no.1). Moreover, its defense industry holds the second largest in the world.
14) In nearly 15 countries, France has positioned 15,000 troops for peacekeeping purpose.
15) In the manufacture and export of military and civilian helicopters and aircraft France, holds the second position.
16) France gave to the world Fiber optics. Its telecommunication system is one of the most advanced one in the world.Considering all these factors, we can understand the importance of learning French language. It will help you to keep yourself abreast of latest development in the fields of Science and humanity and will help to enjoy a position in employment and business opportunities

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